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The most green part within the city center of Groningen is worth a visit. Every season is a pleasure. 

In summer time this is your place to head out. Especially the students but also younger families head to the park to relax and do a picknick. The banks of the ponds of the Noorderplantsoen are full of people!Would they know that wars were fought on this ground in the past? That hills in the landscape here were created by advancing land ice? 


Purchased for 60.000 guilders

The first plans for a modest park on these northwestern forces date from the first global plan of explanation from 1875. However, these plans were rejected by the city council and the public works committee because they were considered too limited. A second plan by Van Gendt from 1876 responded to this and shows the size of the later constructed park and the main structure with pond. The city council then purchased these former fortified lands between the Reitdiep and the Boterdiep from the government for 60,000 guilders. 


The ponds at the Noorderplantsoen

During construction, the canals were replaced by four ponds, with the pond around the Jatsdwinger still in its old location. Where the ramparts stood, a park was constructed in a late 'English' landscape style with winding paths, asymmetrical shapes, existing height differences, rolling lawns and varied planting. The park was designed as a place for relaxation. This is in contrast to the later Stadspark which was designed mainly for activities.

Near the pond there was a small tea dome-like building that served as a milk kiosk. In 1906, a larger milk parlor was built, which had to make way for the current Noorderplantsoen pavilion in 1930. Nowadays, Zondag resides here in the pavilion. A place where you can have a nice lunch or a bite to eat. There is also a coffee kiosk and a vibrant and warm place.


The Noorderplantsoen is of cultural importance in many ways

The Noorderplantsoen was designated in its entirety as a national monument in 1971. The pavilion and the music dome (both on the former Jatsdwinger) are also protected as national monuments.

In the 20th century, traffic pressure increased and it was decided to close the park to motorized traffic. Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine that there were traffic jams in the park. Daily there is a whole never-ending parade of cyclists who race through the park every day as a shortcut to - and from -  the northern part of the city (where the Zernike university complex is also located).


What to do in the Noorderplantsoen?

For everyone the park is a lovely place to hang out. For the kids there are 3 playgrounds and 2 basketball fields, the biggest playground with basketball field is located at Oranjesingel 16 and has nice picnic spots.

Dog walking zone

At the other side of the playground there is an unleashed walking area for dogs. A meeting point for dog owners as well.


There are animals living in the park and more than you can imagine. Some years ago Hilco Jansma made a movie about the Noorderplantsoen that got selected for the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR)


And more...

Yearly there are some nice festivals organised in the park with food and theater. Also there are several pubs and restaurants, lunchcafes located in the park.



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