De Oosterpoort
Trompsingel 27, 9724 DA

De Oosterpoort


The Oosterpoort is a house for concerts.

It is a home to the North Netherlands Orchestra, Eurosonic Noorderslag and offers a variety of concerts, performances, festivals and other events.

The main hall has a capacity of 1200 seats. Since 1973 this has been the most important music building in the area.

The Oosterpoort has its origins in De Harmonie, a meeting place founded in 1856 where there was also room for music. Following the example of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the small concert hall was renovated, after which it definitively conquered a place in the music world. After the destruction of the Second World War, plans were made to build a new cultural center on the Grote Markt, which unfortunately did not go ahead. In 1971, construction of De Oosterpoort started and the last concert was played in De Harmonie.

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